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The opening a marriage confirmation office in Ein Issa camp

The Ain Issa camp administration, in coordination with the United Nations Office , established an office to confirm marriages and give them a recognized marriage contract in all areas of north of Syria.

Jalal Ayaf, director of Ein Issa camp, confirmed the office opened on 3April to facilitate requirements of the marriage contract and to alleviate hardship for the residents of the camp, because scarcity of transportation and marriage confirmation offices away from the camp.

Ayaf added that since the opening of this office, nearly 200 marriage contracts have confirmed and are being conducted through the presence of the people of the parties with personal proofs and witnesses in order to prove the contract and the couple are given a tent to live.

During our presence, a young Iraqi man and young girl attended to confirm their marriage contract on a regular, within the framework of assets and traditions

SDF,Media Center


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