The opening of the Council of martyrs’ families in Hasaka

The families of the martyrs Council opened a meeting of the families of the martyrs in Tal Hagar neighborhood to support the families of the martyrs and to identify their problems. The opening ceremony included a public statement reading the statement about the occupation of Afrin and the violations committed against civilians in Afrin.

Abdul Ghani Oso Basem, member of the joint presidency in the province of Hasakah read the statement and this text:

”Following the international conspiracy and aggression on humanity as a whole, the Turkish fascist state attacked Afrin, defying all international covenants and covenants. They reprimanded taboos and abused all holy sites and all that symbolizes freedom and dignity. They resorted to demographic change and the recruitment and housing of mercenaries instead of their indigenous inhabitants. Before our martyrs and martyrs who have proved to the world that they have more than NATO weapons, they have faith in the cause for which they are defending.

And this spread terror in the issuance of the enemy and attacked the shrines of the martyrs and tampering with its sanctity, thus confirming that they are afraid of the greatness of the martyrs even in the shrines.

We in the Council of the Families of the Martyrs condemn and condemn this barbaric aggression on the shrines and encroach on the sanctity of the martyrs and tampering with its holiness”.

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