The role of the reconciliation committee in Ein Issa camp

The reconciliation committee at Ein Issa camp will resolve the disputes and disputes inside the camp in coordination with the administration of Ein Issa camp and its security forces.

Shamloun Adwan from Iraq, head of the reconciliation committee at Ain Issa camp, confirmed that the committee is composed of 13 members. All cases are transferred from the administration of Ein Issa camp, where more than 140 cases were resolved within a short period of time.

Adwan noted that all the cases that have been resolved are documented in photographs and evidence in a special archive of the Peace Commission.

Jalal Ayaf, director of Ein Issa camp, added that the reconciliation committee has an active role in the camp and has borne many burdens on the administration. All citizens accept and agree with the Civil Committee more than the military because it is the pulse of the camp and coexists with them.

He added that the reconciliation committee has full authority to solve the problems not in the camp, but also outside it.

Al-Ayyaf thanked the members of the reconciliation committee for their humanitarian and voluntary work in solving the problems and issues of their families in Ein Issa camp.

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