The seventh turbine returns to work in the Euphrates dam

The great efforts made by the workers of the Euphrates Dam to repair all the faults and injuries in the dam were able today to re-activate the seventh turbine to return to work.

Mohamed Shekho, head of dams in Tabqa told us about the dam and the maintenance of the seventh turbine, saying:

In addition to the maintenance work we performed previously for the dams in the dam and the reactivation of the first turbine, the third, the eighth and the fifth, we were able to re-activate the seventh turbine by the efforts of our employees and workers after a period of repair that lasted more than two months. The curriculum is carried out by a refueling terrorist, re-generating electricity from the turbine in the coming days.

However, we are suffering from a number of problems: lack of spare parts, lack of electrical cables because most of them have been stolen or destroyed, but engineers and maintenance workers are making great efforts to re-activate all the turbines and maintain the dam in full.

Mohammed Sheikho pointed out that Turkey is fighting us in every way to live as a result of the safety of our region, which is causing concern for it and now we are fighting to cut off water from Syria’s share of the Euphrates River water, resulting in an increase in the hours of cutting electricity and rationing.

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