The work of the final stage of the preparation of the ground of Mahmudli camp continued

Due to the suffering by displaced people in Al-Tuwaihina refugee camp in Tabqa counterside due to the large number of displaced persons who have reached the number of about 14,500 people.

This camp is relatively remote from the public road and the center of e city Tabqa by 25 km, and the difficulty of access of humanitarian and international organizations to provide assistance.

The civil administration in Tabqa began the project of transferring the camp to the area close to the city, and the location of the south of the village of Mahmudli near the highway and 13 km from Tabqa city to move the camp gradually.

The ERT (Early Intervention Team) started the project on February 24, 2018. It was expected to be completed before the end of last month, but the bad weather in the past period little impact on the progress of work.

Ismail Jassim Al-Aqla, the project’s supervisor, said: “We have settled the land well. After that, it was furnished with karabia with a thickness of about 17 cm, to be habitable.

. We then installed a number of water cycles and equipped them with water tanks. Currently, we are pouring and organizing rainwater drainage pipes from the camp to the outside, in addition to preparing the road to which it will arrive, and soon the work will be completed and the tents will be gradually transferred to it.

It is worth mentioning that the area of the land on which the project currently stands is about 80 dunums, and it can accommodate about 320 tents. It will be a non-random organized camp and will be provided with all necessary services.

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