The work of the People’s House in Al-Rumaila neighborhood in Raqqa

The People’s House in the Rumaila neighborhood of Raqqa Civil Council continues its work by conducting the affairs and transactions of citizens to the fullest extent and to meet the needs of the neighborhood in all respects.

The head of the People’s House in Rumaila Zahed Rady assured us that we are in the People’s House our mission is to provide services and facilitate the affairs of the people. We provided the neighborhood with services in terms of water. Sixty percent of the water network and the rest of the water lines were repaired. , Where the water is compressed for two days, and the water pressure is stopped so that we can locate the faults for repair .

As for the other areas that have not reached the water, we have provided water reservoirs, with the support and coordination with humanitarian organizations to cover the other part of the water has not yet reached in the neighborhood, as well as received tons of pesticides, which we will spray in the coming days..

We suffer from a number of problems, namely, the lack of mechanisms and equipment. We have received promises to provide the requirements of the mechanisms and equipment as soon as possible from the Civil Council, which in turn is doing a tremendous job despite the lack of resources and possibilities. Rumaila neighborhood will be cleaned of rubble in some neighborhoods and streets in the neighborhood mentioned.

Al-Radi concluded by saying: “We are distributing aid in coordination with four humanitarian organizations distributing aid in the Rumaila neighborhood. There is Comin in the neighborhood. , Where Comin equip a table for the number of families in order to distribute aid to all the people of the neighborhood of Rumaila We certainly look to and appeal to humanitarian organizations to provide more support in order to provide the people of the neighborhood with everything they need..

SDF,Media Center

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