HomenewsThe written test for applicants to the Education body in Hasakah

The written test for applicants to the Education body in Hasakah

On Sunday, the Education body  Affiliated to the self-administration in the Hasaka province organized a written test for the contestants who have been announced for some time. The contest included applicants from all disciplines such as history, geography, literature, mathematics, philosophy, science, physics, drawing, music and other branches. Presented at the Saif Al-Dawla School, applicants from all the educational complexes in the province (Al-Hasakah, Al-Hawl, Arishah, Makhram, Al-Shadadi, Ras Al-Ain, Zarkan, Darbasiyah and Tel Tamar)

Khnaf Mulla Ibrahim, Head of the Public Schools Department in Al-Hasakah Province, told us that we are taking this exam in order to select the teachers at the level of Al-Jazeera canton in Al-Hasakah and Al-Qamishli Province.

We conducted this competition according to the education plan by introducing the educational curricula in the secondary stage. We received some engineering graduates for scientific materials, everyone currently offers the test except for music graduates where they will be tested under interviews in the coming days. Khnaf noted that the exam questions contain 50 marks of specialization and twenty teaching methods. If the candidate succeeds in the written test, he will be subject to the interview and if accepted, he will be appointed.

In conclusion, Khnaf wished success to all 160 contestants, and stated that our goal is to develop the educational process and to move towards a high level of development and modernization and to build an integrated moral society.

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