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In the second stage of Asefat al-Jazeera  (Al-Jazeera strom ), and after completion of the liberation of Al- Pagos town and besieging  Daesh held areas, our forces now announce the start of military operations to liberate the town of Dashisha in the countryside of Hasaka.

The transfer of military operations towards al-Dashaishah is a completion of securing the Syrian-Iraqi border and for the liberation of the entire province of Al-Hasakah from pockets of Daesh . The terrorists are still holeding up 3,000 km2 of Al-Hasakah governorate, where al-Dushisha considered the most important stronghold area for Daesh.

Dashisha liberation campaign was planned in coordination with the Iraqi army and the international coalition forces, where our forces will start towards the town in accordance with this coordination and joint consultation, to eliminate terrorism ,and to defeat and restore security and stability to the liberated areas.

The General Command of Syria’s Democratic Forces



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