With the Eid approaching .. Shaddadi market is witnessing a high turnout

The commercial market in Al-Shaddadi is witnessing crowded and high turnout recently ,with the approaching Eid al Fitr, where people shop for shopping and buy food and clothes.

The owners of the shops began to display all the requirements of Eid on the fronts of their shops, and some of them began to offer offers and downloads on this occasion.

The market is dominated the joy and happiness , especially among children who deprived of this atmosphere because of the practices of terrorist organizations which they considered to be innovations.

Izzo al-Ali, the owner of a clothing shop said : After liberated us  from Daesh by SDF, our lives returned to normal, as we were in the past. We have not lived this atmosphere for a long time.

As for the movement in the market, he continued: “As you notice, the selling and buying movement is good and the shops work until late at night. Prices are commensurate with the income of the people. We also made special discounts for the Eid period, which reached more than 30% of the price of some goods.

 SDF,Media Center



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