Works of the Women’s House in Al-Shadadi area

In our modern society, women are important foundations on which the democratic nation is based and is the basis of existence because it is the mother , sister and the wife. The establishment of the self-management of public institutions in Al-Shaddadi has created a special house for women to solve all the problems that concern women in all fields.

In this regard, she spoke to us in the administrative office of the House of Women in Al-Shaddadi, Amira Al-Saad, describing their  work in the war to free the minds, ideas and false beliefs that were left behind by terrorism in the women of Shaddadi. She said: The office consists of five female members, two of whom are reformed, and we solve most of women’s social and social problems. Including marriage of the minority and  Polygamy , and we put women on the right track by employing them and putting them in charge until they get rid of dependence and rely on themselves.

Amira added”Most of the cases that come to us are divorce cases and we are dealing with them in reconciliation If there is no reconciliation after many attempts to prevent divorce, we will transfer the case to the People’s Court.

Siham al-Awwad, a reconciliation committee official, stressed that they work hard to solve marital problems, whatever they may be, and solved many issues, such as scam and fraud against women, as well as sexual harassment and marriage of rape.

Awad noted that the main objectives are to restore the rights of women and ensure their participation in building a society free and independent.

SDF,Media center


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