A flash about the life of a fighter

Our fighters are the source of our strength. They have taken upon themselves the task of defending us. They are glorifying the most glorious campaigns in the face of global terrorism.

Fighter Sakhr al-Ali from the city of the class, one of the fighters joining Syrian Democratic Forces in 2017, regiment Bo Asi..

Sakhr joined the Syrian Democratic Forces in Raqqa city as a result of the injustice practiced by Daesh throughout his presence in the city.

He participated in the campaign of anger of the Euphrates to liberate Raqqa city and its countryside from Daesh. He fought battles to liberate the villages of Karama, Al-Hous, Marouda, along with the villages of the western countryside of Raqqa as al-khiala .al-khatunia.

He also participated in the liberation of the village of Al-Raqqa Al-Samra, the industrial and AL-Mashlab neighborhoods, and the old neighborhood. As the fighting intensified in the city center, Sakhr and his comrades fought the fiercest battles in Raqqa against Daesh in al-Thaqana neighborhood and al-Bayatra neighborhoods.

Sakhr al-Ali considers joining the Syrian democratic forces the best opportunity to liberate the region from terrorism and contribute to building a promising future for all peoples and components of the region based on coexistence.


SDF.Media  Center

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