HomedialogueAgricultural nurseries … path of Raqqa city to face desertification

Agricultural nurseries … path of Raqqa city to face desertification

In recent years, the phenomenon of the establishment of agricultural nurseries in Raqqa city spread, especially after the people have been attracted to the cultivation of forest and fruit trees, which play an important role in reducing the phenomenon of desertification.

Raqqa city is considered to be semi-desert, so the availability of agricultural nurseries in several parts of the city and the easy access of farmers to them helped to spread large-scale tree planting.

All types of Mediterranean trees, including olives, citrus and forest trees, are available in agricultural nurseries.

The increase in the demand of the farmers of Raqqa this year for the cultivation of citrus fruits observed, as these fruit trees have economic benefits as well as their role in preserving the environment. Planting of trees begins at the end of the winter and continues until the beginning of spring.

The spread of many nurseries in Raqqa led to an increase in the area of fruit and forest trees planted this year, especially after the rehabilitation of irrigation channels and pumps, in addition to the low prices of fuel on which diesel engines are used to draw water from artesian wells.

SDF, Media Center

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