Ain Issa Camp Kitchen

The kitchen of Ain Issa camp is the cornerstone for the residents of Ain Issa camp in terms of securing their daily meal.

After the first phase of the restart of the kitchen was completed by the ”Relief organization” in coordination with the management of Ain Issa camp under the name of the fasting breakfast, the second phase started by the organization and provide a lunch for the displaced from all food items.

Abdel Nasser Hami, supervisor of the kitchen of the camp, said that the necessary equipment was provided from burners, labor and other organizations of the Syrian Relief organization. The kitchen was opened with meals on a daily basis, where 13,000 people were covered and served.

“The kitchen targets all residents of the camp and all the needs and requirements are met, and most of the meals contain meat from sheep and chickens.

He noted that “Hassan” there are stages and new surprises pleasant for the displaced camp Ain Issa by the kitchen of Ain Issa camp in the coming periods.

Al Hassan thanked Raqqa Civil Council and the Department of Ain Issa camp for facilitating the kitchen in terms of equipment and others..

SDF, Media center


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