HomemanshetAt least 12 terrorists have been killed in Afrin

At least 12 terrorists have been killed in Afrin

Between July 11 and 15, our units have carried out a series of operations against Turkish army and its jihadist allies, which resulted in the death of 9 Turkish and 3 jihadist terrorists in occupied Afrin. The details regarding the actions are as follows;

On July 11, our forces planted an explosive device on a military road used by Turkish army in Basela village of Afrin’s Shara district. Eight soldiers, including 3 high ranking officials (two liutenants and a captain), were killed as result of the explosion.

On July 13, our forces targeted a military vehicle carrying Turkish soldiers and Firqat al-Hamza mercenaries on their way to Afrin’s Kimarah village. The operation resulted in the death of a Turkish terrorist and 2 mercenaries, while another Turkish terrorist was injured seriously.

On July 14, our forces targeted a military vehicle belonging to the mercenary group called al-Basrawi with a pre-prepared explosive device in Afrin. Four mercenaries were heavily injured.

On July 15, one of the leaders of Faylaq al-Sham terrorists called as Mohammad al-Hamoud was ambushed by our unit on the road between Afrin and village of Qatma. The terrorist has been killed.

The number of the deaths of Turkish invasion army and its jihadist allies since the beginning of the attacks to invade Afrin has risen to 2.527.


YPG Press Office | July 17, 2018

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