Construction of a mosque in al-Hol camp in Hasaka

Based on the suggestions of residents of Al-Hol camp, which presented during the consultative session to discuss the situation of the camp, the self-administration in Hasakah province supervised the construction of a mosque in the camp.

Where self- administration and the support of some organizations began the construction of a mosque in Al-Hol camp a year ago, which completed last month.

Mohammed al-Ahmad, the acting affaires of the mosque, pointed to the great demand by the residents of the camp for the mosque, especially in the performance of Friday prayer, where the mosque is full of worshipers.

He mentioned some of the equipment and supplies they needed to complete the mosque, such as loudspeakers that required them to raise the azan and also the mosque furniture, where they presented a list of shortcomings to the management of the camp, which promised to secure them urgently.

At the end of his speech, Al-Ahmad thanked the Syrian democratic forces, which have the main credit for restoring safety and stability to the people of the region.

SDF,Media Center


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