Distribution of financial and food aid to the shahid families in Raqqa

The Committee of shahid’ families in Raqqa civil Council distributed food and financial aid to shahid’ families Ramadan Ramadan, the joint chairman of the committee, said: “We have 305 shahid and 405 children registered in our records. Where each child receives 15 thousand SYP and the wives of shahid receive 25 thousand SYP. While the families of the single shahid receive a sum of 25 thousand Syrian pounds, in addition to food baskets on a monthly basis.

“Today we distributed the financial aid for the month of June in Raqqa city and the government farms. Three weeks ago, we distributed food baskets and financial aid in the Karama neighborhood.

And Ramadan added : We recently issued a card dedicated to the families of shahid to receive their aid from Rojava and al-Mawada organizations.

SDF ,Media Center

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