Grain silos in Guiran Neighborhood start buying and storing wheat

The grain silos of Agriculture Committee in Guiran neighborhood in Hasakah city began to purchase the wheat crop from people  and merchants in the city and its countryside, to be later exported to the mills and later sold to the bakeries after being examined by a specialized committee.

The head of the grain silos in Guiran  neighborhood ,Farouj Mahmood confirmed that their work in Guiran silos is proceeding at full speed. They started importing and buying grain from the people and merchants in Hasakah city and its countryside. He added that they receive various types of grains, which are later sent to the mills of self-management to be used in the bakeries or sold on the market.

Regarding the types of grain that comes to them, he said: There are three types of wheat. Excellent quality and price of 175 SP per kg. And the second type at 173.25 SP. The third is priced at 171.5 SP, and there is a fourth quality which is first examined by a special committee that tests the quality and determines its price according to the Regarding of impurities and the quantity of insects in it.

Mahmoud pointed to the amount of grain stored in their warehouses, saying: We have stored about 17 thousand tons so far, although the warehouses are 30 thousand tons of grain. Our stored grain is completely free of any insects or impurities. Poor insect-infested varieties are used for fodder only and not stored with other brands.

Mahmoud concluded by saying “We do not face great difficulties, except for the obstacles to dealing with some of the barriers with us, so we hope the city’s self-administration will solve this problem as soon as possible.


SDF,Media Center


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