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Internal Security regulates traffic on Aleppo-Raqqa International road

Aleppo-Raqqa International road is considered one of the most important commercial land road in Syrian north, as it connects the north-east of Syria with its south and west, and represents the lifeline of Raqqa city.

This road is witnessing increasing natural traffic, especially after the return people of Raqqa to their city after liberation from Daesh , where the Internal Security Forces coordinate with the Traffic Department to regulate traffic on this road.

Ibrahim al-Mohammed, an official of the internal security forces at the al-kazia checkpoint at the western entrance Mansoura town, saying: “We seek to protect individuals by verifying their identity papers, inspecting vehicles accurately, in addition to checking the goods and making sure they enter the area through the Customs Department of Tabqa city.

For her part, Zahra Abdel-Karim stressed that the role of women in the Internal Security Forces is complementary and essential. We check the identity papers of women and make sure that their luggage is free of any irregularities and in the case of any infraction being transferred to the competent judicial authorities in the city.

SDF. Media Center

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