HomedialogueInternal transport in the Municipality of the people at Raqqa city

Internal transport in the Municipality of the people at Raqqa city

As a result of the suffering of the people of Raqqa city from the high prices of internal transport, as well as the transfer between Raqqa city and its countryside or to other areas, the Office of Internal Transport in the People’s Municipality in Raqqa circulars to adjust the wages of transport taxi fare, internal transport and microbes and garages of internal and external transport.

The head of the Department of Internal Transport, Ali Hussein Al-Zaiter, explained to us in the dialogue we had with him about the definitions of transport and the need to be complied with by the drivers of cars. “We worked in the Department of Transport in Raqqa from the beginning to restore life to the city and to provide different modes of transport for citizens, The traffic that the city suffered at the beginning. “

He add “We have done 8 large buses for internal transport within the center of the city and roam the neighborhoods of Rumaila, Al-Masaken, Al-Dariya and Mashlab, in addition to activating all the Garages of the city, including: the northern garage which connects the city in the northern countryside to the border town of Tel Abyad, Which connects the city in the western countryside to Tabqa city and activating the main Bulman garage in the city to transport passengers from Raqqa to all the cities of Syria, such as Damascus, Aleppo and Hama.

As for the taxi fare, he said:”We issued driver’s cards to all the taxi drivers in the city and distributed the wages within the city at 300 SYP and to the surrounding countryside at 500 SP,” Zaiter said.

“We, as the internal transport office in the municipality of people in Raqqa, seek to provide transport to the people of the city as well as wage control, and I appeal to citizens not to pay any additional fees on the general price list of any means of transportation in the city. By them in the event of violation of the drivers of these circulars. “

SDF, Media center


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