Office of Organization Affairs … Support for people with Disabled’s

Tabqa- Persons with special needs, people who have been disabled either from birth, as a result of an accident, or because of the war that has affected many of them.

After the liberation of Tabqa and its countryside from Daesh, opened the Office of Organization Affairs to provide a helping hand for people with Disabled.

On this subject, the Director of the Office of Disability in the Office of Organization Affairs in Tabqa “Radwan Halabi” on the mechanism of action, saying “At the beginning of the establishment of the office, his work was limited to providing food assistance to refugees and residents. After the expansion of the office, we secured tents for refugees in the camps and to help children, who have physical disabilities, especially those who were wounded in the war. “

Al-Halabi added: “We issued cards to help ensure the necessary medicines / Disabled card/. The number of cards issued so far is 2,400 cards distributed in Tabqa and a number of villages. The response was initially a little, but after two months we have become so many, the villages where we have provided assistance are “Mansoura, Mahmudli, Jraniyah, Safsafa and Abu Asi”.

Al-Halabi pointed out that they face difficulties due to the lack of assistance provided by the organizations.

He also appealed to the humanitarian organizations working in the region to provide more assistance and support to this segment of society.

SDF, Media center


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