opening of an intellectual course at the Academy of Democratic Society

Ain Issa – Academy of Democratic Society in Ain Issa town inaugurated an intellectual course under the named shahid Givara, during which trainees will receive intellectual lessons and training on how to manage the comins  and municipalities councils.

Where the administrative officer of the Academy Khabat Afrin confirmed that the duration of the course 20 days, a closed course , which includes 32 trainees, will receive intellectual and cultural lessons and teach the individual how to qualify himself, and how to manage the councils , comins ,and municipalities . Criticism and self-criticism in addition to political lectures.

Hassan Al-Khabour, one of the volunteers, gave lessons in the academy that the heads of the councils and the comins seem to respond to the lectures and the lessons. The goal of the lesson today is how to manage the councils and habilitate them  , how to work in them.

According to the joint chairman of the comins Council in Kadiran town Abdul Karim al-Deef, 60 ,”These lessons are very important in everyday life and society, and we have learned from them the basics of life, impartiality and racism. There is no distinction between all components, and everyone is equal in rights under the slogan of the democratic nation.

SDF ,Media Center


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