people Municipality at Raqqa launches a clean project in the city

The municipality of the People in Raqqa city on Wednesday launched a temporary cleaning project that lasts for thirteen days.

Ali Al Ibrahim, the joint presidency of the municipality, said in a meeting held in the municipality building for the workers involved in this work, saying : that the aim of this project is to rid the largest part of the city of the accumulated waste, in addition to creating job opportunities for young people from the city who returned to it after liberation from the hands  Daesh.

He added: 80 / workers accepted from the city, which will last for 13 days covering four main sectors in the city: al-Jazra – al-Tayyar – al-Romania- al-Deraiya .

In this framework, , it is equipped 40 containers / 20 individual trolleys, 80 / broom and / 80 / single shovel, will be distributed evenly across the four sectors.

Ibrahim continued his speech, saying: “This project is part of a series of projects aimed at restoring life to the city. Stressing that they continue to serve this land and are determined to rebuild and restore their city.


SDF,Media Center


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