people’s municipality in Raqqa: Public property is a red line

people’s municipality in Raqqa and its intensive monitoring of the reconstruction operations carried out by the people of Raqqa city, which started by people immediately after their return to the city, it observed several irregularities in the construction process that exceeded public property such as playgrounds and others.

In an interview with Ahmed Ibrahim, the joint presidency of the people’s municipality in Raqqa explained to us this subject and said: “It was one of our priorities to remove the irregularities that infringe on public property and belong to the people of the all Raqqa city.

Some of the owners of the funds have violated the inviolability of public property in the absence of supervision and even the transfer of civil council to Raqqa and receipt of his functions on the ground

In his speech, he said: “All the infringers of public property must remove the irregularities and punish those who might tempted themselves to encroach on the public property.

The municipality removed the newly constructed irregularities. As for the irregularities that were established in the past, they submitted to the court to take a decision and legal cover from the court, in order to remove irregularities “.

He noted that the municipality faced difficulties in removing the irregularities because of the media propaganda against the work of the municipality, which has been circulated that the municipality is demolishing houses above its residents.  And we in  Municipality of the people in Raqqa  deny all these rumors and emphasize that these public properties belong to all the people of the city of Raqqa.


SDF, Media Center


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