Project of solving the problem of sewage in Aziziyah

Hasakeh – Self-management in Hasaka continues to follow up the problems of the people and to secure their requirements and provide services, especially the restoration of infrastructure by the municipalities of the people affiliated with them, after the sabotage that was exposed by the terrorist factions.

The municipality of the people in the eastern part of Hasaka began the implementation of a project to restore sewage networks in Al-Aziziyah district, as it is one of the most affluent neighborhoods.

A member of the joint presidency in the municipality of the people in the eastern region, “Dalal al-brow”,said: “The restoration process began after the suffering of the people for several years of the obstruction of sewage, which caused many problems, so it smells foul and mosquito breeding, which led us to resolve this problem seriously, A new network will be installed at a distance of 131 meters to the west of Union of Farmers Street and Al Nahda Street. The entire project will include 513 meters, and we hope to complete the project as soon as possible.



SDF, Media center


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