HomenewsRaqqa Youth Council holds its founding conference

Raqqa Youth Council holds its founding conference

Under the slogan “Youth of Raqqa, the vanguard of change towards the future Syria”, the Youth Council of Raqqa and its countryside held its first founding conference to discuss youth requirements on Friday, in the presence of youth organizations from all institutions, members of the Syrian Democratic Council and Raqqa Civil Council .

The conference began with a minute of silence for the souls of the shahid.  The joint presidency of the Conference discussed, which resulted in the election of a joint presidency and the selection of a symbol for the Council.

During the conference, a number of speeches delivered, including the speech of Syrian Democratic Council , which delivered by the Joint Chair of the Council, Elham Ahmed, in which she congratulated the young people on the convening of their constituent conference.

She pointed out that this conference is the basis for planning a promising future for  Raqqa city, which can serve as a model for the future of Syria in general. Thanks to the Preparatory Committee, which oversaw the convening of the conference at this critical stage, during which we are witnessing the reconstruction of the city in which we need concerted efforts, and stressed that the youth of Raqqa demonstrated in this conference its free will and not to comply with all attempts Of concern in the absurdity of the wars of no interest to them out.

Laila Mustafa, the co-chairwoman of Raqqa Civil Council, delivered a speech  in which she pointed out that the convening of this conference will be a start for all youth of Raqqa, which will be the basis for the start of all young Syrians towards safety and her belief that young people are the dynamic energy and efficient energy to lay the sound foundations for a bright future for all the Syrian people.

For his part, Ibrahim Al-Kaftan, head of the Future Syria Party, delivered a speech  in which he pointed that ambitious youth are the main force in building the future Syria, the democratic Syria, and stressed that they will invest active youth within the society in managing the future of Syria and building it on sound foundations..

The Conference concluded with a number of decisions concerning youth.

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