Sons of Tabqa lit the candles in remembrance of shahid

Our heroes sacrificed their most precious possessions to liberate this homeland, and because they sacrificed their blood for the sake of our people to live freely and dignity and to keep their memory forever in our hearts, Today, in Tabqa  city, held the theatrical performance of 4 shahid , their names are Ali, Abu Arab, Abdullah Al-Abdullah and Mohammed Raqqa participated in the campaign to liberate Tabqa and Raqqa city , and this event comes within a series of events organized by the Foundation of shahid families in Tabqa city monthly.

The ceremony attended by a number of members of the democratic civil administration of Tabqa city and a number of shahid’ families and people of Tabqa city.

The event began with a minute of silence for the souls of shahid , after which the four shahid’families lit candles in front of the shahid’ pictures.

Iman Ibrahim, member of the shahid ‘ Families Foundation, delivered a speech in which she mercy on the shahid of freedom and dignity. She said: “Our shahid are the heroes who have been liberated by God’s grace and thanks to their pure blood. This event is a reminder of the martyrdom of our shahid, who sacrificed their blood of freedom and cleansed our land from of our land from the abomination of the aggressors, who have caused corruption and to be liberated by our heroes.

And also Asia Gharib delivered speech  in the name of demoqratc civil adiministation in Tabqa city said “We are proud of our shahid, Their martyrdom is a badge of pride placed on our chests ,who came and made their blood cheap in the cause of freedom and dignity, and a covenant that we will never forget, remain in our hearts.

Then Omid Kapar delivered a speech on behalf of Syria’s democratic forces(SDF), which he mercy for the souls of the shahid. He stressed that the revolutionary struggle of the shahid  of this homeland who martyred for a democratic free life . Those who planted peace and security in this homeland, which will remain a beacon to illuminate our paths forever.

SDF,Media Center


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