The Committee for Tourism and Antiquities rehabilitates the monuments of Raqqa

The Committee for Tourism and Antiquities in Raqqa Civil Council is restoring the ruins in Raqqa city in cooperation with the vision of humanitarian works organization. Raqqa Museum, which was damaged by the war And Daesh has called on the terrorist to sabotage the most important paintings and ancient antiques

The Joint Chairperson of the Committee on Culture and Antiquities in the Raqqa Civil Council Kitam Al-Abdulla confirmed: “The monuments have an important presence in Raqqa , and it has punished several civilizations, including the Greek and Islamic, the most important monuments of the old mosque, the ancient wall of Herqla and the citadel of Heraclius. , . Currently, the committee is carrying out several projects, the most important of which is the rehabilitation of the Al- And we have started work on the rehabilitation of the museum in coordination with (Roayia organization)of humanitarian work.

“The second step after Raqqa Museum, we will renovate the brick kilns of Hercules Castle. Raqqa Civil Council will provide the necessary support and so far our family has three ovens and will be operational next week”.

At the end of her speech, Al-Abdullah said: The old mosque and the ancient wall of Raqqa, we have presented several technical studies and we await the support of international organizations and the Civil Council for rehabilitation.

SDF,Media Center

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