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The Employment office provides 400 jobs for youth of Raqqa every month

The Office of Employment in the Civil Council receives a large number of young people of Raqqa and especially after the Eid holiday, the youth who were outside Syria returned and the Employment Office makes every effort to recruit young people in all fields and provide them with employment opportunities.

We receive on a daily basis dozens of young men and women in the city of Raqqa looking for job opportunities and we employ them according to experience, certificates and specialization,” said Helen Ismail, head of the employment office of the Social Affairs and Labor Committee of the Civil Council. Approximately 6500 people, and each month we employ 400 or more people, and we employ them in the councils of the Civil Council and in the organizations of the Civil Council.

“The recruitment process is done according to the sequence of the role and according to the required certificates. The competition was conducted by the competent authority and the selection of candidates according to experience and efficiency, and currently we are looking for job opportunities suitable for the rest of the youth and we accept all age groups of eighteen and above. We have sewing projects for young women and recruitment within organizations as cooks.

Helen  said: I invite you to return to your city because the city of Raqqa needs you, and jobs are available to us either in councils or organizations and we are here to serve youth and not for unemployment.

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