The first session of the Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Forum

Ain Issa_ sponsored by Syrian Democratic Council held today the first meeting of the Forum dialogue. The Syrian-Syrian Dialogue held a two-day meeting, which will last for two days, in the presence of representatives from various sectors of the Syrian people, including the Democratic Union Party, Syria Future Party, the National Coordination Body, the Syrian Change and Renaissance Party, The Free Syrian Women, the Syrian National Democratic Alliance, the Syrian Unity Party) and many independent personalities.
The first session of the forum discussed the axis of (the Syrian crisis – the historical root – the actors and the interventionists)..
The meeting began with a minute of silence on the souls of shahed . Then the joint president of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riad Darrar, delivered a welcome speech to the audience saying: “This meeting is for Syria and not for the benefit of one of the parties. To resolve the Syrian crisis peacefully. ”
The joint president of Syrian Democratic Council, “Amina Omar,” a speech that said: “This dialogue comes as a culmination of the decisions of the conference held on the sixteenth of this month to find a political way out to resolve the Syrian crisis.”
The Secretary-General of the National Congress Party for Syria, secular and head of the delegation of the opposition to the interior to Geneva, “Eliane Massad,” a speech in which he said: “The Syrian crisis has caused great harm to the Syrian state and its civil institutions and services and infrastructure and the Syrian people of all shades of killing and displacement must be The supreme interest of Syria is the main objective of this dialogue towards building a new Syria away from blood and that the interest of the individual is the ultimate goal. ”
Mus’ad denounced the targeting of any component by any fascist forces that did not want Syria peace as the target of the Turkish fascism of our people in Afrin.
“Hossam Aloush” / independent personality / reasons that led to the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, most notably the economic situation and the absence of political freedom and democratic pluralism and external interventions.
Alloush said that we must understand the main problem in Syria and work to study the reasons that led to it and find ways to resolve it by opening an open dialogue that guarantees the right to all the spectrums of the Syrian people.
SDF, Media center

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