The formation of departments of the districts in the province of Hasakah

Self-management in Hasakah province continues to support and develop all its institutions in the interest of citizens, and drive the pace of development in the country.

With the administrative restructuring in Hasakah, the neighborhoods councils integrated into the sectors and the formation of district departments in the city within the through within of a modern federal system, Where Hasakah city include a three areas

Emad Darwish, deputy head of the joint presidency in the western region, talks about this step by saying: “After the integration of neighborhoods councils into a one administration, our work will become more extensive than before because of the multiple of committees within the administration. The work of each committee will be described as health, services, culture, art and tourism.

He pointed out that the departments of the areas will be in constant contact with the movement of democratic society, to achieve direct communication with the people and knowledge of their demands and needs, no matter how simple, and to oversee the work of administrators.

At the end of his speech, Emad Darwish appealed to citizens to cooperate with the Admin and to abide by patience in the event of any deficiencies in the provision of services as the administration is new.

SDF,Media Center

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