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Reconstruction Committee continues its work in sewage networks

In continuation of its project, which was initiated by the Rehabilitation Committee in the rehabilitation of the Raqqa city infrastructure, the committee is currently working on the city’s sewage network project, where the workshops of the Commission have already started to work on the ground, and are currently operating in four different locations of the city. South, the main northern Mashlab road, the Rafiqah neighborhood close to the ancient archaeological wall, and the fourth location in Al Noor Street.

Abu Ahmed, supervisor of one of the workshops, said: “This work came as a first stage for future projects, including sanitation and drinking water networks that have not been repaired due to frequent breakdowns and fractures in sewage and mixing with drinking water networks. Depend on the installation of new sewage pipes and replace old worn out.

It should be noted that the reconstruction committee has brought drinking water to about 80% of Raqqa neighborhoods and the remaining areas will be covered by water immediately after the process of change in sanitation.

SDF, Media center


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