The rehabilitation projects of chicken’s farms are being implemented in Tabqa countryside

Tabqa  – The war that took place on the Syrian arena during the past years has taken many lives and left destruction that is difficult to avoid quickly from the point of view of many, but with sound thinking and a sophisticated mind and seriousness in work we can restore things to the past and even better than it was, Self-management and civil through its work on the restoration and repair of all facilities and public centers, and the centers that are now working on the restoration and re-operation chicken’s farms Abu Qubai east of Mansoura.

These chicken’s farms, most of them were destroyed by Daesh before being driven out of the region by Syrian Democratic Forces. There are only two remaining chicken’s farms that can be repaired and operated again.

For further details, a member of the Agricultural Committee in Mansoura, who is in charge of chicken’s farms Khalaf Al Ali, told us “The civil administration in Tabqa formed a specialized committee to rehabilitate these two chicken’s farms to take advantage of them in an attempt to reduce the price of chicken, which is between 700 and 850 pounds per kilo, because each of the two houses can accommodate 10,000 chick, will be reared and the local market.

Al-Ali continued: “The repairs and maintenance of the machines and pesticide workshops are over and there is only the cleaning operations currently in place, and then the chicks will be bought from the special dispensers and everything will be ready to work within a short period”.

SDF, Media center


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