HomemanshetThe Turkish occupation army, which learned the tricks now, is holding the Contras in Afrin

The Turkish occupation army, which learned the tricks now, is holding the Contras in Afrin

To public opinion

The Turkish occupation army and its affiliates fasten the establishment of the Contra in Afrin, in order to discredit our movement among the people and deceive the citizens. It also aims to legitimize its occupation of Afrin while it is illegal.

The Turkish occupation pressure on the people of Afrin to make them accept the occupation of the region, comes at a time when the Turkish occupation and its affiliates of violations against the citizens.

The Turkish occupation on the pretext that the people of Afrin suffer from pressure, launched a campaign against the region. The occupation benefits from international silence, and recently settled thousands of families coming from Damascus ,Homs and Dar’a in Afrin, , They transformed Afrin into a safe hotbed for thousands of mercenaries. Now we are witnessing an internal implosion among mercenary groups, and it is increasing day after day. The people of Afrin Despite all the policies of demographic change, kidnapping, murder, displacement and looting, they stand out in a heroic position against the occupation.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, in an attempt to convince the people that their occupation is legitimate and that the reputation of our forces, revolution and possessions is worn, dressed in the guise of our fighters, the fighters of the people and women’s protection units, and in that dress they exert pressure on the citizens.

We appeal to our people in Afrin and the public opinion to be wary of the tricks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. We believe that all the people of northern Syria are not only propagated, they will be wary of the tricks of the Turkish occupation, which become a master of tricks. We confirm that these dirty attempts will not be left without a response.

General Command of People Protection Units

28 July 2018


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