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Within the scope of the second phase of the resistance of the Age in Afrin area, our units carried out during the second week of July, a series of operations against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in a number of villages and areas of Afrin, and those operations as follows:

On 05/07/2018, our snipers carried out a sniper operation targeted two mercenaries who were guarding one of the headquarters on the road between Jandairis district and the Atma town in Idlib, where one mercenary killed immediately, the whole operation documented in video.

On 06/07/2018 Our units ambushed for mercenaries of the (Hamzah squad) on the road between Afrin city center and Rajo district, Where a clash broke out in which three mercenaries killed.

On 7/07/2018, a special force of our units stopped a military vehicle carrying Mohammed al- Suleiman, commander of the so-called elite army (jaysh alnukhba)in Bilbala area, where he killed and seized his weapon, the whole operation documented in video.

Our units also detonated an improvised explosive device planted in advance at one of the mercenary guard points in Jabal Qustal, in Shara area, where two mercenaries killed in the operation From the “Storm of the North”(Asefat al shamal) are Omar Kano and Ibrahim Kano from  Izzaz city.

On the same date, our units detonated a mine in Turkish patrol that involved in the combing operation in the villages of Rajo district, where two Turkish soldiers killed in the operation.

On 08/07/2018 a Turkish soldier and a mercenary from (Ahrar Sharqiya) killed in an explosion operation carried out by our units in a Turkish convoy involved in the combing of the villages of the Mabata district.

The number of mercenaries and Turkish soldiers who killed by our units during the fighting in the resistance of the age has risen to 2,515 dead.

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