Training courses for teachers in Tabqa city and its countryside

Schools closed after the end of the school year, but teachers continued to work through the training and rehabilitation courses organized by the Education Committee in Raqqa, and these courses are currently held in Al-Salhabiya town in eastern countryside of Tabqa  city .

Ahmed Al-Hussein, supervisor of the training and rehabilitation center in Al-Sahlabiya, said: This course will last for about two months, during which the teachers will receive intellectual and methodological lessons as well as teaching methods in order to prepare them for the next year. The number of students enrolled in the course was about 360 teachers from all disciplines.

The teacher Shahrazad Al-Safan stressed that we as teachers need to have this kind of courses for our rehabilitation and give us more experience in ways of delivering information to the student, especially in the harsh conditions that we experienced.

Teacher Muhannad Al-Hadi noted that these courses are the best reminder of the information that may be absent from the mind. It also increases the intellectual communication between teachers through discussions and dialogues that take place among them.

It is worth mentioning that these courses are given by a specialized teaching staff appointed by the Education Committee.

SDF, Media Center

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