HomedialogueWounded from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

Wounded from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

The wounding increases their determination and adherence to their goal, so they are the fighters of SDF.

Firas al-Ahmad is a militant fighter who hopes to recover as soon as possible to join his comrades and participate in the elimination of the last terrorist strongholds.

Firas says “I joined for SDF two years ago and after the liberation of Tel Tamer town, from terrorism,”. At first, I wanted only to avenge the terrorists. They executed a number of my relatives and friends in Tel Tamer

, But after I got to know the approach that the SDF committed to, my goal changed and I become seeking towards the project of SDF which the people in all its components and sects live a participatory life and everyone takes their rights. “

He continues his speech by saying: “I underwent several military and political courses at the Academy of shahid Khabat in Hasaka and the Academy of Sabah al-Khayr in Shaddadi, and participated in the fighting on several fronts, the last of which was Deir al-Zour campaign.

, Where we subjected to a fierce attack in the Albahra area, and injured in the right thigh by a sniper shot, I injured without ambulance for several hours while my companions could secure a road to my ambulance, I moved to the hospital of shahid” Sarya ” to perform the restoration of the femur and installation of a device, , and then transferred to the wounded’ house to recover fully.

“I have six months to walk and I cannot sit and I want to recover quickly so that I can go back to the fronts and join my comrades in liberating the last areas of a mercenary of Daesh.

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