11,000 subscribers to the employment Office

Raqqa – The employment office of Raqqa Civil Council works to provide job opportunities for unemployed youth and girls whose studies have not been completed in coordination with all committees affiliated with the Council.

”Helen Ismail” Director of the Employment Office at Raqqa Civil Council, spoke us: The requests of hundreds of young people and girls who wish to work are received. After the end of the Eid al-Adha, the number of applications increased to approximately 730 registered for one day from all different certificates.

“”Helen” explained by saying: a competition is being held in the municipality of the people in Raqqa, the competition includes driver’s heavy machinery and cleaning workers and garden workers and exceeded the number of registered in the office to 11,000 registered among young men and women, we raise names periodically and according to the sequence we have and at the request of organizations and conduct competitions and choose the best.

“Helen” At the end of her speech, appealed to all expatriates outside the country to return to the city and work because it needs them and their expertise and to return the city as it was from the development and architecture and civilization.

SDF, Media Center


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