160 families return to Al-Bahra village

Hasakah – Residents of Al-Bahra village, belonging to Al-Hol, east of Hasakah, returned to their village, which liberated a year ago from Daesh.   The strategic location of the village on the Iraqi-Syrian border, which was taken by the troops as a starting point and for the safety of the residents, was not allowed to return to the village.

Today, after the area has been secured and the expulsion of Daesh from it, SDF restored the villagers.

SDF, held a meeting with the people began to stand a minute of silence on the lives of martyrs and Ammar al-Mousa, deputy mayor of municipality of Hol district delivered speech in which he talked about the political situation and the visit of the delegation of self-administration to Damascus and reassured the people after the fear of the return of regime to their regions.

For his part, Ahmed al-Hussein, one of the residents expressed his joy in his return after he was living in Hol camp. He thanked all those who contributed to their liberation from terrorism and the return of their property to them. al-Hussein said “We appreciate the forces’ fear of terrorist cells and their concern for our safety and our property

The village of Al Bahra has 360 families, 160 families returned

SDF, Media Center


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