1800 bodies recovered from the different graves Different places in Raqqa.

Raqqa – The initial response team at the Civil Council of Raqqa continues to the bodies from the mass graves that were dug during the battles in the mosques, gardens and houses.

At the invitation of the people, the initial response team began to work in the grave of the Old Mosque, located on the eastern side of Raqqa city.

Yasser al-Khamis, commander of the initial response team spoke to the Media Center of SDF :”The number of graves in Raqqa city has reached 10 mass graves and the work has been completed in five graves, in addition to removing civilians from the rubble in destroyed houses.

al-Khamis added that this grave contains random graves and regular graves and contains more than 50 tombs, most of them civilians and will be handed over to their families to bury them.

al-Khamis noted that the response team works in several places in the city in the Bedouin neighborhood and at the White Garden and work is done on them and about 1800 bodies were recovered by the team and buried in a special grave that was equipped near Tal al-bayah after documenting the bodies in official records and photographs and bodies with them Data maintained and documented by the Forensic Office of the Response Team. al-Khamis called all people who have bodies in this grave to receive them and bury them.

Mohammed Taha, a civilian his mother was buried in the grave of the old mosque during the clashes that took place near the grave of Tal al-Bayah between Daesh and the Syrian regime in 2015 near the band 17, came to transferred her body. He thanked the response teams for their great efforts in their work.

SDF, Media Center


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