A statement to public opinion

Within the framework of the second phase of the resistance of the era in Afrin region, the resistance of our units continues against the Turkish occupation soldiers and mercenaries, where our unit carried out during the first week of August a series of operations in ”Afrin” and the villages of ”Shirawi” and ”Jenderes” districts, killing a number of mercenaries.

In addition, on 06/08/2018, an explosive bomb was detonated under the control of a military vehicle belonging to mercenaries of ”Sham Force” on the road between the villages of ”Kibashin” and ”Burj Haidar” in ”Shirawa” region, where the vehicle was destroyed and one of the mercenaries was killed.

Our units also carried out another bombing operation in a Turkish armored vehicle on the road between ”Afrin” city center and” Jenderes” district, which resulted in the destruction of the vehicle and the killing of two Turkish soldiers and the injury of three others.

On the same date, our units detonated an explosive bomb under the control of the mercenaries of the so-called military police in villat street in the center of ”Afrin city”, where three mercenaries were killed and seven others were wounded.

Between 5-8, August the Turkish occupation forces and his mercenaries carried out a number of combing and the activities of the contras were conducted in the villages of ”Rajo”, district ”Balbala”and ”Shih”, where the campaigns ended without results.

Media Center for People Protection Units

9 August 2018


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