A Fighter of My Country

The sons of the homeland are the main pillars of the revolution, which aims to support the oppressed people and rid them of the brutal oppression of terrorism. Thus, they are the sons of the North of Syria who joined their various sects and components united under the banner of SDF to defend their oppressed people and liberate them from profiting from terrorism.

”Yasser Kazem” was one of the sons of Hasakah city, in the past he lives in Aleppo city. When the war began in the northern Syrian regions against Daesh, he returned to his city to join his comrades in SDF at the beginning of its formation to participate in the liberation of his city, where he received many military courses.

The fighter “Kazem” participated in many battles, including the battles of Al-Shaddadi, Al-HOl and Raqqa battles on Tal Abyad Street and Al-Na,im roundabout.

The fighter Kazem tells us how he and his comrades were trapped at al-Na’im roundabout: the battle of al-Na’im roundabout was one of the most intense battles I have ever fought. We were thirteen fighters who trapped us in a three-story building, one of our comrades was wounded and another was martyred. We killed more than / 15 / A terrorist, Until the ammunition was almost exhausted from us, and was able to the military units of the Syrian Democratic forces broke the siege and reached the support and ammunition and continued to progress then

The fighter “Kazem” added at the end of his speech, saying: “The Syrian forces of democracy are the only force that has been able to achieve the goals and aspirations sought by the people in the north of Syria, where they achieved great achievements that no one could achieve”.

SDF, Media Center


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