A flash about the life of shahid

Our shahid flambes light the way for those who is lost on the path.

Martyrs sacrificed themselves for the sake of living well and peace to live on this land, which they watered with their blood, and we do not bury them in the soil, but bury them in our hearts.

shahid Ahmad al-Hassan from Madaan village, of Raqqa city, one of those shahids who defended the land and watered it with his pure blood.

Brother of shahid Ahmed spoke to us about his life, saying: Ahmad was imprisoned in armed terrorist organizations with all their factions, the last of which was Daesh on false charges.

He joined the internal security forces in mid-2017, specialized in mine engineering and after the liberation of a large Swedya village, where the specialized teams began to remove mines which planted by Daesh. When he tried to clear a mine in the village, a mine exploded, causing him very serious injuries. He was taken to hospital and martyred after entering the hospital a few hours later.

Shahid Ahmed is married and has two children.

At the end of his speech, his brother stressed that we will stay on the path of dignity the path of shahids s who sacrificed for us.

SDF, Media Center


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