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A village from my country

Al-Awja (Shamiya) village is 2 km south of ”Raqqa city” and near to the ”Euphrates dam”, on the south side. The village stretches to the west to reach ”Kasra Sheikh Juma ”village, which forms part of it. It passes from the middle of the international highway of ”Raqqa -Aleppo”

The village liberated from Daesh in the second stage of ”the Euphrates” rage campaign on 18/6/2017. It liberated in a few hours from the grip of Daesh and by liberation, Syrian democratic forces (SDF) took control of the main entrance to Raqqa city from the south.

The head of municipality of people in the village “Ibrahim al-Ayyub” tell us,it called  ”Awja ”village because of warping its main way. And with the return of the people to their village, which contributed many of its sons in the defense and liberation from Daesh where the village provided 6 martyrs.

Work resumed with the collective efforts of the people of village and their primary school opened.

The village has a population of about 1,200 people, mostly from al-Afadila clan.

The inhabitants of this village work in agriculture, which is the main source of income, with 1000 dunums of irrigated land on the banks of the Euphrates River.

When the new bridge of”’ the Euphrates River” destroyed, it had a negative impact on the village because it was their main dependence on the disposal of vegetables and agricultural produce for of Raqqa city

Electricity and water were supplied to it with the support of Raqqa Civil Council of and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

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