Al Hasakah scutcher is ready to receive cotton

Hassake – After a great effort over the past months, the work in Hasakah cotton scutcher has been completed and it is ready to receive the cotton crop for the current agricultural season.

Before the end of last year, the Industry Committee at the Economic Commission in Hasakah started to work in integrated plan for the processing of the scutcher, through the maintenance of some machines or the purchase of the other parts. The approximate cost of re-operating the scutcher is 450 million Syrian pounds, this cost is due to the high price of these machines.

The Scutcher is divided into a number of halls where cotton is stored and capacity is estimated at 300 thousand tons, but this year it will only receive 50 thousand tons due to lack of operational readiness of all halls.

On the mechanism of work in the Scutcher and how to scoop cotton, “Raman Abdul Ghafour,” one of the administrators in the Scutcher: the cotton is received and placed in the so-called Henkharat then it is subjected to the suction through special hoods and then transferred to the machine which is the last stage and by this process we have separated cotton from its seeds. Cotton is sent to spinning and weaving factories to be used in the cotton clothes or curtain industry and other industries.

It is worth to mention that the Scutcher started the experimental work three months ago.

SDF, Media Center


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