Awareness and psychosocial sessions for camp children provided by GOPA-DERD

GOPA-DERD organization works in cooperation with Ain Issa camp administration to provide psychosocial support to children through awareness sessions and through targeted games.

Rokaya Al-Abbou, leader of the Patriarchal Assembly, confirmed that we work with the UNHCR to  provide psychological support, children ,women and men, and 20 people are targeted at each session. Activities and awareness about hygiene, camp evaluations, and gifts for children are provided.

In addition to the sessions of registration of people with special needs and to provide special sessions for them during which play and provide awareness and gifts, and also pointed out that they have undertaken a social initiative where a  number of volunteers in the camp to sew about 180 of the full pajamas that we distributed to people with special needs, and supervised the initiative to weave and knitting woolen clothes By a number of volunteers will be distributed to the disabled and orphans. The organization provided clothing for children, women and men in the camp.

SDF,Media Center

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