Clarification of the Health Committee on cases of poisoning that occurred in al-Thukna neighborhood

Raqqa – after Some of the media on social networking sites traded about rumors that   spoke more than 200 citizens of Raqqa have poisoning in Thukna neighborhood as a result of the mixing of drinking water with sewage water.

The Chairman of the Health Committee in Raqqa Civil Council ,Dr. ”Ahmed Ismail” said that the Health Committee conducted a field tour in the neighborhoods of Raqqa and its countryside to confirm this rumor and found that this news is untrue and that this news is intended to broadcast sedition and infidelity in the city by some opposition pages , Dr. “Ahmed” said that the cases of poisoning is due to food, occurred as a result of eating some fatty foods and sweets in the Eid period, which led to inflammation of the bowel.

“AL-Ismail” confirmed that that was treated these cases, which are no more than ten, four cases were treated and two cases were kept in the hospital because of delay in taking treatment.

Dr. AL- Ismail said at the end of his speech: “If this poisoning is the result of the water of more than 1000 people at least in Raqqa city, knowing that this neighborhood is inhabited by about 1200 people.

At the end of his speech “al -Ismail” confirmed not to believe the channels and the opposition pages are trying to sow sedition between the people and councils in Raqqa city and we as a health committee provide what we can to prevent these cases of all kinds.

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