Completion of the receipt of wheat crops in Hasakah

Self-management in Al-Jazeera province seeks to intensify its efforts in all fields to achieve food security and self-sufficiency in order to reach advanced stages of healthy economic construction with the ability to export.

On this basis, ” Qhuiran Grain Center” in Hasakah city ended the receipt of wheat for the current year, after the arrival of farmers in Hasaka city to the center to sell wheat for the 40th day, respectively.

According to the official of the ” Qhuiran Grain Center ” in Hasaka, “Marwa Al-Ahmad,” has been received about 12 / thousand tons of wheat, and Meshol (in bags) about 5 / a thousand and a half tons “Meshul”, so that the total weight of the quantities received was 17336 tons.

The field supervisor on the receipt of wheat, “Firas Mohammed” that the quantities were good, although it is the first time that the receipt of wheat in Hasaka city.

And he added: “We were able to achieve success in the process of receiving this year’s harvest season, although there is no previous experience for us.

 For his part, one of the farmers in the Qhuiran Grain Center that the process of receiving wheat was “smooth” regardless of the existence of some obstacles, being the first experience in receiving wheat for Hasaka city after 7 years of the revolution.

SDF, Media Center

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