Duaa.. A girl with broken dreams

Between destroyed neighborhoods and suspended souls, Raqqa was one of the Syrian cities where terrorism was repugnant and its people suffered a lot because of the diphtheria in which young and old men were imprisoned.

The people of Raqqa city, who suffered from the crisis of war, which was created by Terrorist Daesh in Raqqa, paid the price of this dirty war, which caused damage to everyone in city.

The girl, “Duaa Ali al-Saleem” from Raqqa city, a 14-year-old Bedouin neighborhood resident, paid a heavy price for her childhood when her right hand was cut off while trying to flee Raqqa city.

Duaa told us about the tragedy she experienced during her escape from the city. She said: I lost my most precious possession in my youth and Deprived the pleasure of childhood because of this war, when my hand was cut off and prevented me from playing with my friends and brothers. Today I am single and no one plays with me. I feel a lack in my life.

Duaa Remember the bitterness of these moments and innocence of childhood asks: What sin I even cut off my hand?? What is the guilt of my brother to die?? We heard about the war and watched the children being killed on television and I did not imagine that I would be a victim.

“Duaa mother,” said: “We went out during the days of liberating the city from Terrorist Daesh. The shells fell like rain over our heads. We tried to escape and hide in one of the houses, but my 8-year-old son died because of the shells. Duaa “lost her right hand,” Duaa “remained bleeding for a whole day because of sniper and random bullets and we could not get out until the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces came and liberated us and helped my daughter to a field hospital and And then to Tel abyaid hospital.

This is the case of the desperate, hopeless “Duaa” as nearly 900 people who lost their limbs children, elderly who appeal to the international community and human rights organizations to stand their responsibilities towards them, provide them by psychological support first and then provide artificial prostheses to compensate them for something that they have lost.

SDF, Media Center

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