Education Directorate Organizes Educational Recreational Courses for Children

Hasakah – Despite the end of the school year, the attention of the Directorate of Education in Hasakah for children continues through its educational recreational courses, which was carried out at the schools of Ali Bakr and Jan Hajar, located in Hasakah city

These courses included:

– Training courses on some musical instruments such as violin, oud and guitar.

– Training courses on drawing and handicrafts

Musical courses on some musical notes.

Courses of Taekwondo.

Mohamed Judy “teacher of the Oud machine stressed that the aim of these courses is to teach the children and fill their free time with useful things and try to keep them away from the life of the street, which is not only bad habits, and here in the lesson on playing the oud machine are teaching children on the basic principles of playing as well as train them on some audio notes.

The coach of Taekwondo “Skavan Mansour” pointed out that children are enthusiastic about this course and happy, as they are taught in the training room on the importance of self-defense and training on the basics of Taekwondo, this, global game, which is one of the most important Olympic competitions.

It is worth mentioning that these courses are free, and the number of children enrolled in the course at Ali Bakr school exceeded 150 children .

SDF, Media Center


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