Evaluation exams for teachers at ”Zarkan” Institutes

Al-Hasakah – The institutes of shahid ”Kogber” and shahid ”Naji Al-Ali” in ”Zarkan” conducted assessment exams for teachers in order to determine how they benefited from the lessons given them during the last period.

Director of the Institute of shahid ”Kogber” ”Hassan Barghouth” said: After about a month of the enrollment of teachers for training and rehabilitation training courses in the institutes of ”Zarkan” had to be an assessment of the previous stage, and now we are taking examinations for all the subjects given in the institutes are: Mathematics – Science – Language (Arabic – Kurdish) – Teaching methods.

”Hassan Barghouth” continued: After this evaluation there is another evaluation after one month from now and based on the evaluations will be sorted teachers, and those who could not pass the tests will be subjected to the Institute for a full year after which will undergo a new test to return to teach in schools to overcome.

”Abbas al-Amana” is one of the teachers’ subject to the Institute on the importance of these courses as it rehabilitates the lack of information in some teachers and gives them new ways in how to communicate information to the student correctly and simple and also increase the social relations that come from the teachers’ acquaintance with each other.

SDF , Media Center

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